Meet Simi Valecha Johnson

Integrative Arts Psychotherapist HCPC

Meet Simi Valecha Johnson

Integrative Arts Psychotherapist HCPC

About me

My professional background includes experience in both private and statutory mental health settings. Yet, integrative arts psychotherapy is my specialty and working with globally mobile people is my passion

That’s because I’m a cross-culture, digital nomad too. Just as important to me as my birthplace in Africa are the strong ties I have to my Indian roots. This, coupled with the time I’ve spent living in growing up in Accra and London, gives me first-hand experience with the dynamics of life on the move and in-between two or more worlds. I now live a location independent lifestyle and consider myself to be a global citizen. 

I understand the challenges and issues that other people face when home is more than one place. 

As a result, my approach to therapy is person-centred and integrative. Through the power of the arts, imagination, and creativity, I help clients find effective, lasting resolutions for the issues they’re facing. And I’m available no matter where you are in the world.

Career Highlights

  • Qualified Integrative Arts Psychotherapist (IAP)
  • Trained in the United Kingdom
  • Accredited by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)
  • Experience treating a variety of conditions in institutions such as NHS (National Health Service), LSE (London School of Economics), and RCA (Royal College of Art)

What my clients say

Working with Simi has been a transformational experience. Her ability to get through to the root of issues and her commitment is awe inspiring. She has been able to convey information in a way that is practical, down-to-earth and simple to understand. In each session, I could sense her sincere compassion and care as I opened up about parts of myself that were not always easy to talk about. She was able to see things from perspectives I had not considered before about situations as well as my own behaviours and reactions. It was quite staggering to recognise these aspects about myself. She offered a perfect blend of empathy, candor, professionalism and authenticity. Even though my treatment with Simi has now ended I find myself thinking about all that I learned during therapy and her calm voice in my head whenever I am in difficult situations, and it helps me through. I am deeply grateful and blessed to have had her as my therapist.


Simi is a calm and patient person and I’ve benefited immensely from my appointments with her. 


I have been working with Simi for 4 months. She was recommended to me for support after the breakdown of my marriage. When we started working together, we initially focused on ways to cope with the situation, and she helped me to work through my confusion and fears. Over time she has enabled me to understand my behaviours and responses to conflict more generally, and how I can more effectively function in personal and professional relationships where conflict is inevitable. I have really benefited from this greater understanding and have noticed some quite dramatic positive changes across both personal and professional aspects of my life.