Psychotherapy and counselling in London, SE1

What is work related stress?

Recent studies have highlighted the growing concerns of work related stress and the negative effects on individuals and businesses alike. The stigma that surrounds speaking about mental health issues causes a lot of serious issues to go unnoticed and silenced. The pressure of stress and anxiety can continue to impact on staff and efficiency with negative results such as illness, depression and a decrease in job satisfaction.

Working with either individual referrals or with teams, Simi is well equipped to meet clients needs. Thus resulting in improved morale, encourage effective communication, and creating a thriving work environment.


Simi works on an adhoc basis adhering to your current needs.

These can range from:

  • Individual referrals concerning work related stress 
  • Creative workshops with teams building greater communication, engagement and collaboration 
  • Group process working with group dynamics for improved interpersonal relationships 

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