During a global pandemic, the concept of being able to freely travel may be a distant memory. All those plans you had to explore the world, work or study abroad have been thrown into disarray and might be non-existent now as the world has pressed the pause button on that thing we used to know as our life.

This experience may be triggering for us in many ways. Symptoms of depression and anxiety may be exacerbated during times of isolation and social distancing. We may be feeling unusually stressed if being forced to spend more time away or with family depending on where you are while this all plays out.

If you are struggling with how to adapt to these extremely challenging times, no matter how diverse your life may be, you may find it helpful to talk through these issues.


Here are a few tips on how to make the most of online therapy during COVID-19

To find support during this time, you may be helped by a 20 min free video call with no obligation to sign up to therapy.

Stay safe and stay connected online.