This year so far has been a long, difficult road and it’s been challenging for us all to say the least. As lockdown lifts in many parts of the world, for some there is a huge sense of relief as the global economy begins to restart after months of restrictions. However, alongside this, there are many more who are riddled with fears and concerns as things return to a new normal.

The virus is still around. There’s no vaccine yet. So what now?

As we emerge from weeks of strict coronavirus lockdown, which in itself will have taken a huge toll on our mental health, now a lifting of restrictions brings for many a sense of trepidation and unease. Many of my clients are expressing fears of ‘too much too soon’ as the fear of contagion of the virus is still real.

Others are experiencing a sense of deep sadness about all the unexpected things that will be the lost which were gained during lockdown. Quality time with their family, the escape from the rat race commute to work, some much needed down time from a society constantly ‘switched on’. It’s been a time to slow down for the more fortunate ones in our society and with any change, comes with it a sense of that which is lost.

It’s ok to be not ok

Life in lockdown was hard. There are reams written about this time in our lives covering all aspects of the experience for all corners of the world. Some of the emotional processes included fear, loneliness, the impact of isolaton, fatigue… the list is long. This has been a heightened period of uncertainty for us and the struggle is real…

Therefore, it makes so much sense for there to be aspects of fear and concern when the world begins to open up again. We yearn for our lives to ‘go back to normal’ but know that this isn’t possible as long as the virus exists.

I often say to my clients, it would be more concerning to me if you didn’t have any difficult feelings in response to a major event in life. And what could be more major than a global pandemic? Fear, anxiety are ordinary and expected feelings states part of human experience in response to perhaps the most disruptive stressful time in your life so far all things being considered. How can you NOT be feeling a bit worried about what may lie ahead?

As we try and follow the guidelines to keep ourselves and our loved ones save, perhaps there is something that can be taken from the experience we’ve all been through. I’m reminded of this meme:


This time in lockdown has been unique opportunity, albeit forced, to stop. How can we use this experience to reflect on our lives, our choices, our-selves to perhaps take small steps forward with a new view and mindset.

What did we learn that can help us potentially choose differently for ourselves and our future, virus or not?

What do we want to change about our ‘new normal’ as we can create something new out of this life-altering experience?

Reaching out may feel like the hardest thing to do, but maybe what’s harder is carrying on as you are, with no help or support. Get in touch for a free 20 min. consultation so we can determine if this is the right fit.

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